Our very first bike was for the legendary triathlon world champion Paula Newby-Fraser. Over the 30 years since then, we’ve worked with some of the greatest athletes ever to ride a bike. We’ve long crafted machines based solely on fit and performance, with form always following function. But we’ve also experimented with bikes focused on exceeding the unique demands of tall riders and short riders, of powerful sprinters and long-distance randonneurs, and, yes, of men and women. Do you want to know what we’ve discovered over the past three decades?
Your bike knows how much power your legs put out. Your bike knows how tall you are, and how much you weigh. Your bike knows your inseam length, and how often you spend time in the drops versus on the hoods. Your bike knows that you always like to attack up that one particular climb on the weekend group ride. Your bike knows that you want to ride from sunrise to twilight, every single day. And your bike knows that it holds a truly special place in your heart.
But your bike doesn’t know your gender. And, the idea of a disparate "man's bike" and a "woman's bike" is something of a construct lacking any hard evidence to support the need to differentiate between the genders. We've witnessed this first hand with a wide spectrum of female athletes racing, training, commuting, and enjoying so-called "men's bikes". We're proud to support the world's #1 female triathlete, the TWENTY20 woman's pro team, and the Rally-UHC Cycling women's team who all race on Felt's "men's bikes." For sure, some folks need a wider saddle, shorter cranks, a longer stem, or any one or many custom tweaks to get their bike dialed-in specifically to his or her needs. But, to pitch that this bike or that bike as a "woman's bike" is something that we've decided to forego.
So, moving forward, consider ALL Felt bikes to be bikes made for riders, for racers, for lovers of speed, for those who seek adventure, and for those who don't want to compromise. We've kept a few models of our Fitness bikes with a lower "step-thru" top tube that still have the old "W" moniker, but even these are for anyone. Beyond this, we decided to keep things simple and to just make great bikes for cyclists.
Meet the 2020 collection from Felt Bicycles. The perfect bike, for everyone.

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